water carts for road works in Hawkesbury, NSW

Lewis Water Boys is committed to providing services to the customers in Hawkesbury area of New South Wales. We supply domestic water in rural areas. Our company has water cartage contractors. We offer water carts for hiring, supply drinking water to the swimming pools and dribble bars. Our company delivers the best quality drinking water. We offer our service using dribble bar water truck. We also offer assistance for water cartage and regular supply of drinking water to homes. Our company supplies the drinking water you need at home. We supply water to the dribble bars, which spread water under high pressure from the holes. This helps in suppressing dust on the roads. We offer our water cart for road works. We also offer water cart for plant hire.

Our Water Carts are used for but not limited to:

  • Landscape watering
  • Dust control
  • Road works
  • We also deliver water for water tanks
  • Swimming pools
  • Events

We have all the necessary equipments & attachments for your next on site job, whether it be for residential landscaping or driveway excavation or Roadworks & Construction sites.

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